Testimonial: David

Testimonial: David

When I first went to see Dr. Gant my natural teeth were failing and my dentures were old and worn. I wasn’t sure what my options would be and the old familiar dread of being in the dentist’s chair was looming. I made an appointment for a consultation and then a second, afterwards, to go over my options. Dr. Gant and his staff made me feel at ease and explained the costs and procedures for the best options to restore my teeth.

Financing was made available and I was able to start my “restoration” almost immediately. There were no “after charges” or added costs to deal with once we had started with the restoration. I appreciated not having to deal with an unanticipated cost after the fact. Throughout the process, I always sensed a genuine concern for my comfort and satisfaction with the end results. I felt that everyone there wanted me to have a great smile that would last the rest of my life and to have a pleasant experience while that was accomplished. Dr. Gant and Holly took great pains to assure that my bite was set correctly, and that the color and size of my teeth complimented my facial features.

Every step of the way I was kept informed and was able to make choices and changes on the decisions that would ultimately affect my appearance. A tremendous amount of care was taken to assure that my implants were placed correctly and that my teeth were correctly installed. One of my concerns was that I might be without my old teeth before my new teeth were ready to be installed. I was able to complete the entire process without having to go without teeth.

My new denture, crowns and 14 MINI DENTAL IMPLANTS have made a tremendous difference in my comfort, ability to eat particular foods, and my willingness to smile. I had always hated to be caught smiling by the camera at family functions and around friends because I was aware that my teeth had become misshapen and discolored. My old teeth didn’t always stay in place and at times they might even make sounds when I would talk. Today I am very happy with the appearance and the functionality of my new teeth.

I can eat anything without any concern about my teeth moving out of place. It was a novel moment when I realized I could bite off a carrot or chew a bite of steak with such ease.

Once I started the process, I found that Dr. Gant and his staff have taken a different approach to dentistry and their patients as well. Patients are treated with kindness, respect, and a concern for their comfort and convenience. The potential of high cost, discomfort, and inconvenience had kept me from taking the steps which I needed to take for years. For anyone considering implants, I can say my only regret is that I didn’t have it done sooner.

– David