Testimonial: Sharon

Testimonial: Sharon

For over 15 years I was so self-conscious of my mouth that I never smiled.  Or, if I did smile, I would cover my mouth with my hand.  I socially withdrew from my friends.  I had no self-esteem.  I could not eat so many foods that required teeth to chew properly.  My digestion suffered as a result. 

I am so grateful to Dr. Gant for giving me my life back.  Before I went to Dr. Gant at Yorktown Family Dentistry, I had an upper denture, but could never wear my lower denture because I had no bone to support a denture. 

Dr. Gant offered me a wonderful solution to my problems.  He made me a new upper denture and lower denture, with the lower denture supported by 4 mini dental implants. 

My new lower teeth snap on to the implants and now I can eat anything I want!! And I have a beautiful smile.

The day the implants were placed I had no pain.  I even ate a cashew that night! It was wonderful. I now eat anything I want.  Crispy bacon, cashews, hard candy and corn on the cob, salads and raw vegetables-all of the things I love and have missed.   They took such great care of me.  I now laugh, smile and talk to people with confidence.  I care about myself again.  From the moment I walked into Yorktown Family Dentistry, Dr. Gant and his staff were wonderful.  Every step of this process I felt special.  They made me feel like the First Lady every time!!

Thank you, Dr. Gant and staff.  You are the best.